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Einladung zu online Veranstaltungen von BN British Naturism

Liebe Mitglieder,

anbei finden Sie die Einladung zur online Veranstaltungen organisiert von BN British Naturism.


Hello everyone and I hope you all remain in good health.

During the enforced lockdown, British Naturism has created a number of  free online naturist events designed to promote wellbeing in mind and body.  They include yoga and exercise classes and they have been proving hugely popular among the BN membership.  They are using the Zoom videoconferencing platform, and I should add that the events are secure and carefully moderated by senior BN offers and staff.

We would like to extend this to INF members.  We have created a special web page 


… on which INF members can register with their membership number (i.e. the number that appears on the stamp).

Once registered they will have access to our events - it is necessary to register to get the link for individual events but it's very easy to do.

Best wishes


International DirectorBritish Naturism